Him and Her ~ Greatest Love Story Upon Earth from the Cosmos


Until recently it was impossible to share this publicly as the Spiritual Battle has been so gruelling and tragic to some degree. However Justice and Victory is assure and is so. Nothing can stop this Love Spell that is has been created in our Cosmos and is here now anchored upon Earth. It is the Greatest Love Story of our Planetary history and has been taking place under the radar for years. This Love affair has been healing massive amounts of  trauma for the collective, for preparation of this time we are at upon Earth ~ Ascension ~ The Great Awakening.  WE the Cosmic Twins are picking up where Jesus and Mary left off. Only this time it is a billion times more potent on the Earth as the activation of this Union includes the activation of billions of other Divine Couples.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a great love affair way after and beyond his physical death. Via the (Mer) KA Body. This is what Key Twins are doing now. Fully merged and having love affairs via their Ka bodies. I keep referring to the Christ and his Bride because this is what people can relate to as the greatest love affair yet. Yet there is a Great Love Affair going on upon Earth now that has been kept very quiet due to massive interference. This Great Love Affair is between the Key Twin Flames embodied, whom hold the codes of this divine pair.

This will be a part of Angelic and Benevolent ET Disclosure.



Here is a excerpt from the Magdalene Manuscript and there Love affair carries on and the truth of their mission will also be rewritten in the New Galactic Heritage (History) Book of Records along with OUR Love Story.

“I stand in time now, looking at all of this as if it were a dream and yet so—still, vividly clear. My heart trembles as I recount the story as if it were yesterday. That first night with Yeshua is sketched within my mind as clear as the skies over Jerusalem.

After I had been able to pass through the desires of myself as woman and ascend the path into spiritual alchemy in which I was trained, I could see Yeshua’s spirit form—already luminous, already brilliant with light.”

“When I met Yeshua by the well for the first time, the mere proximity of his presence activated my internal alchemies. A serpent power moved up my spine as if I had practiced the disciplines I had learned.

That first night when we were together alone, arm in arm, lying next to each other, we practiced the sexual magic of Isis. This specific form of magic charges the ka body with tremendous magnetic force through the power of physical orgasm, for when one has a sexual orgasm there is a tremendous release of magnetic energy within the cells. As this energy spreads it releases a magnetic potential that can be used.” ~ Mary Magdalene


In Love & Light


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