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The New Love Template

Here is an excerpt from my book  Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being, Book 1

“We are the forerunners for this Twin Flame prophecy and culmination taking place currently on Earth. Mary Magdalene and Jesus were pivotal Twin Flame forbearers, carrying the template of unconditional love for each other and the world, and we are now fulfilling that same mission of this energy on Earth. Many of us are here, embodied in this time and at this place, for our divine mission as becoming the living anchors of the new 5d Template of Love. This is our soul purpose. Imagine coming to realize that your whole life, all of your major experiences and most profound lessons have each been purposefully placed as the foreshadowing for the Final Act of LOVE.

50 years of the ever-present Feminine Powerful Light has been striving for homeostasis of the feminine polarity. She has been staying very much under the radar on this planet Earth and preforming most of her work by seeding in the Cosmic Realm for the future.
Many familiar with the New 5D template of unconditional love know the number 117, 717, 1717, 1117 (= 888) as coded as the sacred union of the unconditional love between the balanced masculine and feminine, the blue and pink flame. Unbeknownst to many, there is a deeper meaning to where this Sacred Union has been seeded. The pattern for every man on this Earth in transition to the New Earth to be blessed with the frequency of Christ Consciousness and Abundance Mastery has been set.

These Light Rays arrived with these codes onto the Earth. The Over Soul of this Being of Light is the Over Soul of the first ever creation of masculine and feminine aspects and is God-Source- Creator. This Monad of the Cosmic Sun Light is now ever present via millions of Soul Shards from this Soul Group of White Diamond Elders of the Seventh Ray.”

Here is a excerpt from the New Book #2, no title yet. This is the part where Saishorie~Grace accepts the “Call” to go assist with the Planetary Clean Up on Earth.

Saishorire~Grace has been with the Galactic Federation for quite some time. All though she loved her existence in this Realm, her heart yearned for something more, she could not quite figure out what that was until…

“The Galactic Council spoke “We have an offer on the table for you Saishorie~Grace, it is an offer you may find quite interesting. Saishorie~Grace answered “please go on”.  “As you know the Earth Realm is preparing for its End of Times” the 25,000 year cycle known as the “precession of the equinoxes” and is in need of the best of the best warriors. Our last attempt to prevent the Fall of our Beloved Ascended  Earth in the higher realms failed and this time there will be no failure.

We are recruiting the Greatest Beings ever created to partake in this mission. What it mainly entails is the take down of the evil doers since the last Fall of Atlantis.” Saishoire~Grace replies “I am very interested in this mission, actually I have been awaiting the call, I feel it has been a long time coming.” Ashtar handed Saishorie the crystal tablet containing the details of the operation. Saishorie~Grace embraced the crystal tablet to her heart and read the gest of the mission via the heart. “I will take it to my quarters, read it thoroughly and reconvene back to this the meeting tomorrow same time.

As Saishorie~Grace read the Spirit Script, excitement ran through her. She could not believe the magnitude of responsibility before her and remembered how she missed these types of missions and at the same time it sounded like loads of fun and adventure. But this mission she knew, would be unlike any thing she had ever signed up for and it may get ugly before the real fun starts.

Saishorire~Grace was due for an new adventure. Her last mission required her to leave the Earth Realm for a long, long time as she need a long hiatus since the Fall of Atlantis and her other assignments as a human upon Earth since the fall were gruelling . She could not wait to attend the meeting tomorrow evening at 12:00. All day long Saishorie~Grace prepared her acceptance speech for this important meeting. After reading the transcript, she was in total disbelief of all the hell that Planet Earth is fully immersed in at this time.  Her heart welled up and the emotion she once new on the Planet Earth came rushing back into her clear heart and she felt the emotion of such love that she could not deny (keep in mind this was 60 years ago in Earth years). The Love she yearned, she was remembering.

Saishorie~Grace had to take a trip into the future using her crystal technology to see and feel what will be needed in this mission. She could also see what these criminals had up their sleeves in the future for End Times. One of Saishorie’s most sought after Gifts was the gift of clairvoyance and prophetic wisdom.  She sensed the Final Last War would be a Spiritual War headed up by the Galactic Federation of Light and thus this is where she situated herself until the this now time. The war was to be an energetic war and this was her strength, knowing they would fight unfair using chemicals, radiation and bio-weaponry, she had plans to be implemented. It would be all to familiar, since she was there for the Fall of Atlantis along with her beloved husband.

She dowloaded her speech and was ready to speak. She entered the Council’s meeting chamber.

Saishorie~Grace spoke “I feel the need to restore the dignity and peace upon Earth and it is time. The Planet of Earth and its humanity need the presence of the Divine Feminine Goddess and the directive needed is an approach as “No One will do it for US, we must be the One’s to do it. We will do this by reclaiming our sovereignty and freedom from the constraints of a rogue government who is committing treason to this Sovereign Planet and its humanity. This must be done or else the criminals on the Earth Realm will continue to commit these crimes against humanity at the expense of the innocent people and Planet Earth herself has suffered long enough.” This was just a fraction of Saishorie~Graces’s acceptance speech.  She went on to express her absolute bewilderment on how extremely chaotic this Earth Realm was and going over the events of the fall of Atlantis in comparison.

She could not believe what the governments were dictating to the people and what was worst is the people believed it.  How far down they have spiraled since the last 25000 years of past but understood it had to be this way. She did remember her one incarnation 2500 years ago, a life time she blocked from her memory purposely and needed to have left it far, far behind for sometime. The memories started to come over her in waves, the life where she was with a Beloved One ~ her Twin Flame since the fall of Atlantis. She remembered one life time after that together where by Her and her Divine Masculine Counter Part seeded the Christ Light for Ascension and it was not something she wanted to remember until now.

Waves and waves of akashic records began to download into her awareness, once she agreed to take the offer. She began to remember she had a masculine Twin Flame in the Galaxy. A clear vision came through to her of what they are and had accomplished together for eons in many other Star Systems. The Love she felt for him was coming back to her once again. She started to remember what she had so longed for.  She had so many questions and one that would motivate her was why she had this erased from her mental field for all this time. She soon learned had it come online any time sooner Saishorie~Grace would have been pushing for a visit to Earth prematurely.  Saishorie had to keep her Divine Feminine Angelic Template as clear as possible for this mission.

In the Akashic Records the mission was already scripted with her name on it “Saishorie~Grace” Spirit~Script”. She tuned into this script to see how her Masculine has been doing after all these Earthly years. OMG she could not believe what she was downloading telepathically. Her other half was incarnated on the Earth over a thousand times alone??? “How could this be, without me”. Saishoire~Grace needed some answers.

While her Beloved masculine counterpart was incarnated with out her, it was stipulated that she would energetically be with him from on high, her even HigherSelf and not her Galactic Self would be the Spirit to guide him for majority of his incarnations. Thus Saishoire~Grace did not remember for quite sometime. The Higher aspect is pure Source Energy and would guide him through the the toughest of times as a master to partake in the restoration of Planet Earth after the Fall from Grace and until close to the End Times. During her most recent now moments all was coming back online while she carried out her work as a Commander of their ship in the Galactic Federation.

Because her masculine counterpart agreed to sacrifice a million years frequenting in the density of Planet Earth after attaining a last mastery upon the Earth where he ascended out of body, they had agreed to do the work  as counterparts rarely in physical incarnations. As an Ascended One of the Great Brotherhood he would carrie this out until the End Times of Now. The pair would once again reincarnate as the Ascended One’s for the Finale. The million year of experience indeed would pay off and no one could beat them at their game.

Meeting Reconvenes – “The Plan”

12:00 Saishoire~Grace starts the meeting knowing fully what it will take for these final end times upon earth to be a success. She starts speaking “It is imperative because of the complexity of this mission that we are to remember our Love for one another but only once all the karma has been cleared. All the Karma of our last incarnations as the Key Christed Golden Ones. Much has been  accumulated from the thousands of lifetimes on Earth. This will be very tricky so I have created a plan, a plan so genius that no matter the attempts of interference we will not be able to forget our Love and never stray the mission. And so it is.”

To be continued…


Here is a note on the incoming Light of Now:

Not only will this White Diamond Golden Light raise our Planet further into the neighbourhood of our Galactic Family, it will assist the “Ones” willing to receive the Light and become ONE with the Light again.  Love relationships will sustain this new frequency anchoring within our New Planet of Love. Commitment issues that we have all experienced for thousands of years will be healed now between the Masculine and Feminine, thus true divine partnerships will prevail along with sacred sexual healing. Every man and women has a True Love divine mate out there, ready or preparing to come into union. There will be an abundant of 5D New Lovers, Teachers  & Healers available to help in these unions up until the children become adults and then this will be very natural and the New Template of Love relationships will be.


In Love and Light,

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service




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