Practitioner of Optimal Health – What’s Gone Wrong?

This is a Facebook post I posted Sept. 2/2017 with concerns to my Health that has been ongoing, this heart attack was severe and had me pissed!

“My Heart Muscle is working hard and has taken a beating
this is not natural! It starts with major heart energy infusion to my heart causing sever stress, the hours later I get flu cold symptoms, then depression of my natural ecstatic soul sets in and it feels like my soul leaves my body. This has been going on for years. I always chalked it up to “Ascension Symptoms” and although I know I am definitely experiencing ascension I have feel there is more going on here. I want to believe it is heart expansion for ascension however I have already had the heart merge for years…etc…but it is so uncomfortable, painful and scary that I am finding it hard to believe it is of the higher good. So on the other hand at times I feel it is not good at all and I shift to this feeling:
I know the truth. If you are a awakened being/sensitive or psychic what ever you want to call it, you will know too. Just this time it is severe and my heart aches, ribs ache, shoulder aches, lethargic all the symptoms of a post heart attack. I will expose the truth on this. Justice will be served. The cause is direct energy weapons attacks/ technology: The effect on humans is devastating as the weapons can simulate many illnesses, cause pain and organ damage, brain damage, strokes, heart attacks and death.”
Below is a link that can partially explain the interference I am aware of now.…/awareness-needed-of-scalardirecte…/

Below is a comprehensive health assessment I had documentation of and posted on my old website. Please read to understand this whole article and proof. One correction is that I did not smoke cigarettes as stated (I used to smoke many years prior) my point here is this is a bill of OPTIMAL WELLNESS, and I continued with my heath regime ever since. Now mysterious heart issues, parasitic interference, challenges with my immune system, lymes disease symptoms heavy bacteria and other issues that I will take up at a later date. This is happening and does not make any sense to my natural state of Optimal Wellness. So here you have it proof that the symptoms I experience are purposely interference to my health.

Also here is a link to a video i created and since have taken down, as mysteriously the Dr. working with me has had his personal right to help patients with balneotherapy shut down and is currently in a law suit to fight the un justified decision by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. The intention to fight this wrongful demotion that has stopped a health practitioner to help humans naturally. Here is how he responds to his loyal clients:

We are appealing this decision in the court and are seeking an injunction on this unfair decision by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. It’s not over yet! Many of you have asked to whom you can contact to send your thoughts about Dr. Wojcicki’s care and the benefits of the Complementary and Alternative medicine we have been practicing here for over a decade. Our lawyer would like all letters, comments, thoughts, well wishes sent directly to him so he can ensure it gets seen!”

Also with all the therapies/organic food/exercise/supplements/modalies in which I spend thousands of dollars/monthly to stay healthy, one of the therapist I work with who runs an intense foot detox machine far more advanced then the regular ion foot detox. When she set me up and looked at the bath when I was finished she could not believe the toxicity level in my body, she had never seen it so dark even with chemotherapy patients. This foot bath was at a time when I feel an attack of my heart and immune system was fully underway. Keep in mind I eat clean and do not put any toxins in my body. On top of this I do weekly intravenous therapy of Vitamin C to support my immune system and detoxify as well as glutathione to detox my liver and so many other health support remedies, I also have access to advanced technology from Europe and use this therapy regularly. I have dedicated my past 3 years to healing this mysterious on going interference. My dog is feeling the radiation technology interference too, this has manifested itself as sever ear infections, eye infections as well as legions/open wounds on her temples.

I post this as proof that my human right to live in a state of Optimal Wellness and Homeostasis is attempted to being sabotaged by outwardly criminal activity. I am working with a Light Team that will not allow this and will ensure justice will be done. With faith all things are possible.

Shelly Sullivan

In Love and Light of Higher Service


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