Tribute to the Lions Gateway – Victory 2020 ~ ***Prepare for StarGate Travel ***



I have compiled various writings of phrophecy for this time of the Sirius/Christed God StarGate Lions Gateway 888. Don’t miss a link as I have included a few.

The Sirius Energetics & The Lion energy represents Spiritual Power brought into Matter. It is no coincidence my birthday is on August the 8th, the 8/8 Gateway, this is very significant. As a representative of the Sirian Council & The Sirian Angelic Avatar Lineage on Earth, I am very excited for this Stargate Activation into New Creation. This Avatar by the way is an Androgynous Being, a massive energetic light house of both fully balanced masculine and feminine ~ Twin Creators.

I have been embodying the Sirius Lion Energies for 4 years now consciously. The Sirian Lion Spirit entered through my crown and enveloped my body during the Lion’s Gateway Ceremony in 2015. This was the same year Cecil’s the Lion from Africa sacrificed his life, from here on Earth. Cecil the Lion sacrificed his life. This sacrifice was to teach unconditional love, awareness and the infinite life force of the Spirit. The Sirian Tribe of both of the Spirit world and the physical world.

The Lion/Lioness God/Goddess, that came through me, the image of the Lion’s Head appeared in front of my crown and third eye. The Head was a glorious Golden Flame-like energy, appearing as waves of light matter and it was about 10 feet by 20 feet, looking quite multidimensional. The energy wavered there for a while, greeted me and thanked me for the work I do. Then, the energy entered into my Crown more fully, my Third eye, and joined with me into my energy system. My skin and body thickened up into a higher vibration of Love and my skin raised up half an inch with goose bumps.

In 2016, I tried “Spirit Painting.” Spirit Painting is a process where you use colours and allow Spirit to work through you. You don’t have any expectation and work very lightly with the paint. Eventually, you use air to blow the paint and allow it to spread to see what comes through. In my case, a Lion’s Head image appeared for me and through me, with intense energy and goosebumps again. I am explaining one of the incidents that have transpired through me demonstrating the Lion energy that I now hold. Here is the image, the Lion is on the right.

This New Energy is enveloping Earth via the Sirius Star Planet. The Spirit Lions as well as Physical Lions and K9 Dogs on our Earth, are holding the light codes from the Sun for Unconditional Love and Magical Manifestation and Abundance for all.

The NEW Lion Energy that has come will continue and the Lion’s Gateway the NEW energetic information needs to be shared. It resonates so strongly with me. I have to share the Alchemic Magic that I experience and is available to all who wish to hold it.

We are standing in the threshold of the viagra lawsuits texas esl dissertation writers sites for university custom essay writing uk essay color theory assignments mercadolivre viagra generico go essay in passive voice celebrities who have used accutane go to link an ideal partner essay levitra burnside prednisone for dental pain see medical personal statement writing service hsc english essay help essays on mobile phones a blessing or a curse case study layouts comcast case study nature is beautiful essay follow url side effects of stopping synthroid source url pencil writing on paper emersons essays first edition source link fruits works like viagra essay presentation format Sirian Stargate & Teleportation Activation I feel the entrance into the the Seventh Dimension of the 11th Stargate, The re emergence of a New Atlantis, the 888 Lion’s Gateway Portal. This “Lion’s Gateway” is that moment when a Stargate ~ portal opens to allow new Codes and new information that will be the template for the new creations ahead. Sirius, The Sirian’s and the Royal Lions stand guard over the New Timeline.

In Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Gate was represented by two Lions who faced each other. They were known as the ”Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow,” and of course, it was “today” that came pouring through the gate. The Infinite “now” of present time that can be experienced as flow, creativity and blessings.

The Lion’s Gateway this year embodies the Sirian energy and this energy is a Celestial Lion Energy, Descendant of the Star Races, Ancient Egyptian Energy. These Celestial Lions are here to help to manifest and create a New Galaxy, Sun System and our Heaven on Earth. They work along with the Indigo’s as The Oraphim Parents who recode the indigo Starseed Children. The Sirius race has brought and gifted to our Earth in conjunction with the Lion species, which, by the way, our K9 Dogs of Earth are also from the Sirius and who also carry the unconditional love. The lions of the Star Race are very special and we must honor them.

Expansion of Source
In the beginning, when our particular Universe that we are aware of came into Being, the Sirius teach us that there is ONE Energy and ONE consciousness that then Divided itself into 2.
All matter is meant to multiply; this is the creation of all things. Tree of Life, Sacred Geometry Flower of Life, Twin Flames, Energy Fields, Higher Self and Ascension Merkaba Nature, Human Nature, Numerical Sequence Codes, Atoms. All Miracles start in Higher Realms.

The ancient Egyptian Lioness is the “Lion’s Head Divine Mother”, the embodied creativity of the original energy and founder of the Lion Tribe. From the Star Nations, the descendant from ancient history, the Solar light Lions, are also in Lyra Star System and the Pleiades Star Systems.

Lions are the keepers of the Golden Light. They are the keepers of the Christ Consciousness for Unconditional Love, compassionate love, the divine feminine energies flooding the earth. Lions are the keepers of the Energy of Love.

The purpose of the Lion is to protect and guide the Golden Light until such time as the embodied Masters enter the 7th dimension and become the Earth Guardians of the Golden Light. Before this current age of multiple Twin Flames on Earth, Jesus and Mary Magdalene came as the Avatars of Christ Consciousness and they were holding the Solar Golden Light. The Lions prior were also the holders, the Guardians of the portals for Magic and Abundance.

During the Lion’s Gateway, use your child like imagination and create The New Earth every time you release the old, you let go of what needs to go, travelling through 6th and 7th dimensions. This is guided by the Sirian’s, Lion’s Energy, a paradise, the Royal Blue Sirius Lion Kings and Queens.

Here is a video I made from an article I had written regarding preperaion for stargate travel and working with the Sirius Light Codes, this is the time.

Twin Creators ~ Lions Gateway 888

Higher Self “Role” in Masculine Transformation ~ Rhinoceros & The Lion


Lions Gateway 888 ~ Divine Masculine Roars Victory

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan
Of Higher Service

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