Crimes Against Humanity ~ The Two Witnesses


Unifying the Christ in Muskoka

The Divine Feminine Christ has fully integrated the Golden Christ Cosmic Light Ship as a field know as the “Merkaba”. This is a Light Ship that is the circumference of all of Muskoka, Ontario. Covering and integrating into the Earth and the Lakes of Water. It is a Golden Sun Light of Sacred Geometry and is fully anchored into Earth. As well is the Key of Life the Ancient Ankh integrated, this Ankh is the Diamond White Fire and Gold Mother of all Ankh, here to restore the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Sacred Heart of Love with in Earth and humanity. Picking up where the Brother/Sisterhood left of – Isis, Osiris, Mary Magdalene – Yeshua, Adam & Eve template.

The Divine One’s in this now here restoring the balance of the Masculine and Feminine Ancient lineage. This lineage is referred to now as the God/Christ Consciousness. This Golden Light Merkaba Ship in Muskoka, Canada is the technology that unifies our Cosmic Consciousness – God Source Consciousness with our Earthly Consciousness. 

Yesterday, October 14th was a huge day for integration of the Isis – Mother aspect. It has been integrating in phases, stronger and stronger with Divine Mother Codes. The organic individual Divine Feminine codes, the Magdalene codes, the Mother Mary codes,  The Isis codes, The Divine Feminine Christ Codes, The Lion Headed Goddess codes and yesterday the Isis /Mother Principle God Consciousness further integrated. These are the codes and Light to act as the protection grid for humanity and Gaia that will be around the world.

All the while the work is ongoing for the New Earth Consciousness and the breakdown of the old structures, the PTB (powers that be) for the unawakened of humanity are the PTW (powers that were) at this time are still attempting to interfere with me. Now that I live in Muskoka and I have documented many times the interference that has started up here it and is ongoing and I am expsoing.  They dark ones are still using the Geo – Engineering/Chemtrails, Satellite 5G radiation and surveillance & Bio Weaponry in order to create the “parasitic” environments” where I live just as they did in Newmarket the last City I raised in Consciousness. Funny thing is I visited Newmarket recently, after 5 months since I had moved from there and when I arrived it was like a breath of fresh air. The energy there was like it used to be when I first moved there and the energy here in Port Carling is periodically increasing more and more into the parasitic environment from which I had escaped. For now Port Carling where I live in Muskoka is only being compromised, but I can guarantee if the dark ones had there way the plan and implementation for further damage and crimes against humanity that are in the works in all of Northern Ontario would continue.  I have been tipped off of this long ago also so the dark plan will not go forward.

 I have yet again exposed and do tell of the symptoms and the surveillance on me and where I frequently walk in nature. They us the geo-engineering(harp)/chemtrails, which are apparent in the sky before hand and now the sky goes grey and heavy toxicity which I feel and know the symptoms. They also use the surveillance to track where I frequent and causes a feeling of heavy cage of electric radiation while I walk my dog. I know this all very well as I have been part of uncovering this sinister plan for years. My Spirit Contract as I have stated before was to help uncover this plan. What is happening with me is to expose this for “the people” and stop it before it gets to “the people”. Remember this has been ongoing with me for 10 years, it is an example of slow deterioration of the human vessel, which in my case I am not human and cannot be taken out, but if the rest of humanity is exposed to this as I have been, it is game over for human life.  At this point humans have been endangered, BUT…

There is awesome news here at this time their plan is closely being watched by surveillance of the Galactic Federation.  I have been strategically placed here as a trap to lure out their sinister plan, which I have know for years. The attempts to harm are weakening and it shows very obviously as I become the wiser in this human form. My Spirit/Higherself knows very well everything – past, present and future.

There are now 2 satellites that are parked in the sky above my building I live in, in the past in Newmarket & Holland Landing, Ontario there has usually only been one visible satellite. To be honest I am not sure the status of who are controlling these satellites but I have my ideas. There are now frequent black helicopters flying around once again as there were in Newmarket. The military planes are not around nearly as much in fact hardly ever but recently on special astrological dates they have been in the vicinity along with very heavy energies.

The parasitic atmosphere at this time are apparent but cannot have the same effect any longer in this location as this man made environment did in Newmarket. Not only is the water and rock absorbing the radiation but also the full integration of my Light Body is much more powerful than any radiation.

The heightened awareness of the Galactic Self and Crew around me is very apparent and the sinister ones are closely being watched, as the strategic planning is in place. My body is often being worked on physically by the Galactic Team to keep all in check. This is all transpiring as the preparation of full disclosure continues. This disclosure is exposure of the elite criminals upon this Earth and the disclosure of the Benevolent Angelic Galactic One’s.  The raising in consciousness on this Planet is also preparation of Cosmic Unification. The Ascended Masters are already here, millions if not billions are around us, The Archangel consciousness is near also to help sustain the New Earth.

The Ascended Masters come through often with a special mission now with the many who have recently been murdered in our lifetime and are on board with this mission. Last week I had a book in my hand while organizing my book shelf, it was a book from Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez, the book titled “One Man Alone”, not once but twice did this book get my attention in the following days. It got me thinking.  I had met Dr. Gonzalez in 2010 at a conference. His energy was exceptional and his genius was obvious to me, hence which is why I chose to speak with him out of all the other Dr. and Scientists available, this is part of a brief soul contract meeting, however not brief in the Spirit world as we are still in contact. He later got my attention in spirit, through a detox program I signed up to with David Avacado and when David mentioned Dr. Gonzalez’s name it was an undeniable communication to me. It happened again last night as I purchased the new move Thrive 2. Toward the end of the movie at approx 154 min Foster Gamble and his wife talk about the many doctors that have been murdered in this time period of 2013 – 2017 and ongoing. This clip confirmed I must write about this criminal sinister activity by the 1% against innocent good hearted Humans doing the good work.

In 2010 Dr. Gonzalez and I spoke briefly after the Integrative Doctors health  conference in Toronto. I inquired about cellular health and got the answer I was seeking, which now proves to be one of the “best kept secrets” and cover ups by the Drug Enforcement Association for preventative disease and anti aging – cancer cures. The secret is SALT.  Himalayan Sea Salt/Sea Salt. 

In 2010 my white cells in my body started to change drastically as I realized after two rounds of in depth blood tests over couple of months by my family Dr. that both tests were very alarming to me as my white T cells, the killers of disease where working extremely hard and the other white cells where low. These blood tests were the result of someone who is fighting a flu/virus, yet I felt fine. This was the year the first smart meter came and was installed into my home without my knowing and the wireless modems were being installed in homes as I have written about many times in prior writings.

I met with Dr. Gonzalez unbeknownst to me at the time his advice would prove to be detrimental to the health of the world at this time. Himalayans Sea Salt not table salt is imperative to have in the diet. You can ingest this in your morning water with minerals such a magnesium and have it on your salads and salt bath’s. Not only does this sea salt support the homeostasis of the water and the blood of the body by promoting the electrical communication in all cellular healing as well as regulates the circadian rhythm with the heart of the human and the heart of the Earth, thus having a balancing effect with the Earth’s electromagnetic Filed and the individual electromagnetic field. This is very important to achieve this balance while Earth and humanity are ascending.

Dr. Gonzalez is now an Ascended Master and his significance for Justice has come into my awareness 4 times in the past week. He has huge interest in the Justice for all the Doctors that have been murdered in the time around 2015 and on. 100 or so, of well known Doctors who had cures for cancer and disease that would put the Big Pharma out of business have been assassinated in a month span. Millions other professionals on the cutting edge of healing of humanity have been knocked off. 

One such “not so famous” Doctor I know of is my personal integrative Doctor that I met in 2008 and he was treating my Dad in 2009 for cancer. Dr. Wojcicki, owner at The Vivian Medical Spa who specialized in hormone treatment and cancer treatment, intravenous Vitamin treatment as well as detoxification programs. He had may father feeling very healthy although he did have cancer, as well as my father who was a drinker no longer drank alcohol while on the treatments, this was miraculous. Just goes to show not only can this integrative medicine cure disease is can also curb addiction, by vitamin and nutrient therapy. I was very impressed with Dr. Wojcicki’s work and his Spa and I was majorly guided to work with Dr. Wojcicki on my research for integrative anti-aging as well as my Optimal State of Well Being. So I did meet with him every 3 months for a while and continued to be a member for years.

Here are two links to Dr. Wojcicki work.

The year before my White T-Cell Blood test results in 2010 ish was in 2009 when I became a member of the Vivian Spa. I was so impressed and excited I came out with a video on “How I manifested Optimal Wellness”  introducing my new Doctor of integrated health and wellness whom I intended to learn from and with for a long time. Well things took a drastic change.

In 2016 Dr. Wojcicki’s license was taken away after a few years in a legal battle against him.  Every one in town knew this was sabotage and many were greatly saddened by his having to shut down his thriving practice and only being able to offer intravenous vitamin therapy. In 2013 the dark ones started to sabotage him. Somehow they were unable to kill him obviously as he is still here. His right to practice as a Doctor in Canada was taken from him and his reputation ruined. I had witnessed the toll this took on his life and family life of business and personal and it was very sad. Dr. Wojcicki since had two physical falls and had bad hip injuries, his confident, highly reputable demeanour has been damaged as I could see.

I witnessed all this and I continued to get my much needed therapies over the years in his Spa now run by a naturopathic doctor but still owned by Dr Wojcicki’s,  thank God for this Spa, otherwise I would have been very sick and my ability to function in life would have been extremely difficult through out this time and important operation for humanity taking place. This is no coincidence that Dr. Wojcicki’s great work was sabotaged, squashed and his license taken away at the same time thousands of other holistic Doctors lives were taken by assasination around 2013 – 2015 and onward. I witnessed this over social. Also it is no coincidence that Dr. Gonzalez was murdered the same time in 2015 and I met him. 

Here is a video I published in 2014 years after my positive experience with Dr. Wojcicki. I speak about him and include his spa and his picture in the video.  Keep in mind, since I came out with this video during the beginning of my “coming out as a Holistic Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher” I started to get mysteriously very sick periodically. Dr. Wojcicki was targeted and thousands of other Doctors killed. One other thing I would like to add as I have written and published about. While I was going to this Spa for treatment for heavy radiation/bio weaponry attacks, which I have much evidence of,  I was harassed constantly by planes, helicopters and dark military. These dark ones harassed, bullied, followed, stalked and terrorized me constantly, so much so I could not keep up with their tactics. They even went as far as breaking the screen of the Spa one Monday night, the night before I was to check in, they broke in the screen and release huge amounts mosquitos into the building which we all witnessed. However, I was the only one that knew that these were bio weapons. People did get sick following this.

Here is the Video that was the beginnings of “Luring out the Criminals” Acts against innocent One’s working for the Highest Good. “How I manifested Optimal Wellness

Where I am at now:

I have moved to Muskoka, Ontario, I have been making it my life purpose to expose darkness and learn how to stay healthy while uncovering a plan that was suppose to harm humanity in the same way it has me but I am victorious and will act as an examplar to others, not only how to survive this criminal attack but to thrive in abundance in a New Earth.  Since living up here I have discovered exactly how these sinister one’s work. I have had to move around to different arbnb’s and cottages in the past 6 months many times while I was maneuvering and uncovering more tactics of attack on me personally.

There has been much interference here with targeting by the group that has been sabotaging me and my life’s purpose.  The negative energy is apparent with the behavior of some of the residence here also specifically my neighbor who was fine and actually sweet in the beginning, but I guess she was a prime candidate to be compromised and behaves often like a demonic teenager now making my time here more stressful. This is ie: demonic consciousness still lurikng about and causing havoc, I know it very well as I have been exposed to if all my life as the Light I hold triggers dark and “lures”  it out whether convenient or not, I have had to learn the art of protection even more so not only protection of myself but of my Grid Points.  The plan to heal and recover has turned into my learning and even being more strong, vigilant and battling evil forces.

This is how it works, if the cabal want someone out of their game they will kill them. If they cannot kill them such is the case with me, they will try to destroy them. They have destroyed millions over the eons in this manner, however this time they have fucked with the wrong bitch. I literally had one hell of a Divine Feminine Archetype “walk-in” for a while with me to assist in getting me through the darkest of times and the battle of life times.

I have contacted the Lawyer Rocco Galati as I was given his number by a personal friend, Dr. Magda Havas, whom I have travelled to Italy with a few times. I had forgotten about her emails to me from August with referrals to lawyers, I didn’t even realize she had give me Rocco’s email and phone number until recently after I had watched Sacha Stone and Rocco Galati on a video re: Crimes against Humanity. Then I realized the connection with this lawyer and how he has been brought into my awareness.   It is hard to keep up with Earthly life tasks when you are constantly being interfered with.  After watching this video I was interested in contacting Rocco as he takes on such cases that I have enormous amounts of evidence, evidence to prosecute these criminal sinister groups. After I emailed Rocco (which I have emails) His response was not what I hoped for, as he does not have time to read through the link I provided as some of the hard evidence  as stated in the email. He took the courtesy and did call me on the cell last Saturday evening. We had a conversation and he said “I need proof”, I replied, “I will get proof”. I had included in my email to Rocco this link to my chronicle of Crimes against Humanity.

Chronicle of Crimes against Humanity – Truth about “The Corona Virus”


As I thought more and more of our conversation and continued to visit my past and how much I have uncovered and exposed, I was reminded “I am the proof”.  I have years of undeniable evidence that expose exactly what is going on now in the world with the Crimes against Humanity. The proof is in the sky as well, this is from where much of the sinister one’s do the murders that have come from Direct Energy Weapons causing heart attack, Direct Energy Weapons combined with Smart Meter and Geo-Engeneering causing fires that kill and Surveillance Tracking form internet satellite in the planes and satellites in the sky that can harm any one at any time and cause serious radiation toxiciy.  The plan of the sinister ones is to have 5G satellites in the Earth orbit ready to explode with tactical plan that I have already endured to further and take the Crimes Against Humanity to the next level if we do not stop it now, which obviously is happening.

Just is in Revelations the prophecy was there will be Two Witnesses, this is another Prophecy I tell and speak about that is coming true now.

Here is the latest message from God during my walk in the Forest today.

In Love & Light of Higher Service



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